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Small Companies and Large Corporations

The Solution To Cleaning Company Frustrations

Handling Customer Complaints

Fully Integrated

CleanSmarts has a powerful and easy to use issue tracking system that is integrated into all processes of your company. This unique system tracks complaints effectively and in real time.

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Time Tracking

Save $18,000+ / year

$18,000 is what studies and our customer say they save on average every year when hours are tracked with the CleanSmarts time tracking system.

CleanSmarts is uniquely flexible and allows employees to check in with the CleanSmarts app, land line (toll-free), text, or barcode scanning. The app check-in's are backed by GPS satellites to maintain the integrity of the system and the accountability of employees.

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Powerful Scheduling

Seven Simple Tools

CleanSmarts gives you the flexibility to schedule your shifts and locations however is best.

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Internal + Customer

CleanSmarts has an integrated real time messaging platform for both your entire company and customers designed for the cleaning industry's unique circumstances.

The day-cleaners can talk with the night-cleaners and everyone involved will know about customer complaints.

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Fully Integrated

Inspections are flexibly integrated with the checklists cleaners use. This provides powerful reporting on exactly where the gaps are in your business and how to close them.

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Supply Management

CleanSmarts tracks all supply levels no matter who is responsible (customer or internal operations).

Automatic notifications are sent to whoever is responsible for that specific item at that specific location when supply levels drop below what they should.

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